All About Me
         My real name is Cathy.  I am lead infant teacher at a great preschool in central Ohio. I love my job...I can't imagine doing anything else! 
          I have two daughters, they are my pride and joy.  My oldest, Tiffany has made me a Moomaw to Tyra...she the sweetest baby in the world!!  Tara, my youngest daughter just graduated from high school.  She was the Lt Col (highest rank) of her high schools JROTC program. She was third in her  graduating class.   I am now at that stage where I'm an empty nester...still feels odd at times...but I'm glad I'm done raising my it's "my" time to have some fun.
         My Hobbies are...can ya guess??? collecting cows!!!!!  Yes they have taken over my house...there is at LEAST one cow in every room...with several hundred in the living room, family room   and kitchen...if it's a cow..I've got it or gotta have
          This web site is my next biggest hobby.....I just love "working" on it.  It as became a big challenge to see what kind of cow  stuff  that I can think I've covered about all areas of that....what do you think???
          I also crochet afghans...epecially for anyone that has a new baby :)  I also do some crafting..but since I work such long days I have little time for it now .  I also used to keep a nice rose garden..but now it's a GREAT weed and rose  I don't find much time for flowers these days either.
        My favorite sport to watch is football.....Go Cleveland Browns!!!!!!  and I like those strong man contest on tv to (ESPN).  I also have enjoyed watching the area high school wrestling team...Go Bulldogs!!!
             My favorite food is chocolate ( it is a food group isn't it ?...a veggie I came from a bean...right???  LOL and ICE CREAM!!    YUMMY..and ice cream comes from a cow!!! tee hee
                    My favorite colors are...can you (?, blue and orange....okay..I like them all.
                    My most favorite thing to do is to watch the grass go as the clouds float by...ahhhhhh
I have a couple of pages about this area...would you like to see my hometown???  Just click on th OSU and off you go....>>>>
How about the great state of OHIO???  Just click on Ohio...and off you go.........>>>>>>
coming soon..I hope..LOL
The WeatherPixie
The MIDI is called "POOR COW"