Local Time

Eniwetok (GMT-12)
Samoa (GMT-11)
Hawaii (GMT-10)

Alaska (GMT-9)
Pacific Time (GMT-8)
Mountain Time (GMT-7)

Central Time (GMT-6)
Eastern Time (GMT-5)
Atlantic Time (GMT-4)

Brazilia (GMT-3)
Mid-Atlantic (GMT-2)
Azores (GMT-1)

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Rome (GMT +1)
Israel (GMT +2)
Moscow (GMT +3)

Baku (GMT +4)
New Delhi (GMT +5)
Dhakar (GMT +6)

Bangkok (GMT +7)
Hong Kong (GMT +8)
Tokyo (GMT +9)

Sydney (GMT +10)
Magadan (GMT +11)
Wellington (GMT +12)

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I am trying to learn a little java script...but for some reason I just can't seem to get it it work here ....someday this page will have the times of the different areas of the work....just in case you want to vote for my site and don't know if it's the correct time to vote...lol.....plus at the bottom I have included a few personal time counts....feel free to check them out :)
My grandaughter Tyra was born Feb 9, 2002.   She was named after my daughter Tara...see next counter :)
Since Tara, my "baby" graduated from High School on June 9, 2002.
Since I started working at the daycare :)
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