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Links to all kinds of cool stuff.
Moovelous pictures
Cards that I have received....including ecards and links to them.
I just can't resist adopting critters.
Fun stuff for the WWW.
These are games that I have made....print them out and give them a try!
Thanks to everyone I received these from.
See you're not the only cow nut around!
Okay I don't know how current I will honestly keep this...but I am gonna try to post weekly at a minimum.
Fun stuff for the entire family
My thanks to Jeannie for the drawing of me!
Now you've seen three purple cows!!     A new friend asked me if they give grape flavored milk.  What do you think?  Humm   Look out Elsie!!
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When a cow laughs....does milk come out it's nose?
Yeah I know they're not cows..but I still like them!!
These are funny
This is only the very beginnings of this section!
I need to include a disclaimer here.......I know "cows" are female cattle and this is called My Moo Cow Pages but I just couldn't resist adding  some "bulls", (male cattle).
Moo Moo Moo
Please check back to see what I add.
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Hope you're enjoying your visit!
Hope you're enjoying your visit!
Try some moovelous dairy recipes :)
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May he rest in peace as of Dec 31, 2001.
Come and met some wonderful people here :)
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