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 Why did the cow cross the road?
to get to the udder side
she wanted to keep mooving
she wanted to talk to Moodonna
she bullived the other pasture
was greener
she was going to the moovies

I am in no way trying to take credit for taking these mooovelous pictures.  I have collected them from various sites on the web.   Please visit the original sites for more great pictures........this page just isn't big enough to hold ALL my favories...tee hee.
This is the site where I got some of these udderly awesome pictures........You can pick which ones you like and set them as your wallpaper and even make them into a mooovelous screensaver !!  This is my favorite site on the web, besides this one :)
Please be patient...this page takes awhile to load....lots of moovelous pictures :)
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